Funny Birthday Poems

You can either write the poem yourself or get one from the internet. Some people are naturally funny and find it easy to come up with exciting and funny words about their friends and family members while others may need some help. If you do not find it easy to write funny poems, you do not have to worry since there are some tricks available for you to use.

Funny Birthday Poems

An acoustic poem is a great way to include humor in a birthday poem. With this kind of poem, you can write down the letters in your friend’s or family member’s name. Each line on the page should have one letter where you will write a word or sentence that suits the person’s personality. Remember that there are no rules when writing funny happy birthday poems. Add some funny pictures on the poems to give the poems a personal touch.

The personality of the person receiving the poem should always be taken into consideration when writing a poem. If the person likes to laugh, you can make the poem funnier but if the person is less humorous, you can tone down the jokes a little. The material you use in the poem can be based on the person’s embarrassing moments or quirky habits. Make sure the things you include in the poem are not hurtful in any way and if you are not sure only use mild jokes.

Before you write your poem, look at other funny poems to get a feel of the style that is used. Use various search engines to get ideas on the kind of material that you can use in your funny poem. When you are writing, it should be from the heart but you can use a rhyming dictionary to get funny words. The more the words rhyme, the more memorable they will be. You could find some birthday wishes samples at www.topbirthdaywishes.orgwww.1happybirthday.comwww.poemsource.com

The best thing about funny poems for a birthday is that they are suitable for all ages from the 60year old to a 5 year old. They can also be customized to suit a particular member of the family or friend.

The poems should reflect the person’s current life including his pets, job, hobbies or prized possessions. Making references to some celebrities is another way to make the poem timely. Refer to some celebrities that have the same physical features or similar habits.
The funny poems should always be kept short especially if you are reading it out at the birthday party.

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